Jardins do Lago EN

Opens the section “Works” the order for the  Quinta Jardins do Lago in Madeira.

The owners, exquisite people, asked me to replace the old Boxes and Service Directories, that were for many years inside of the 50 rooms in their hotel. These showed obvious signs of wear and tear due to the time.

0 originali

Thanks to the invaluable help of designer Daniela, according to the submitted project, the renderings were created to define the layout of the prints in gold, and realize the matrices.

1 progetto 3 render-service 2 render-jardins

At the same time began the preparation of pieces: 650 elements of cardboard for 20 kg total, 700 pieces of cloth for a total of about 20 m roll, 1200 pieces of printed paper which occupied a total of almost 7 square meters, and 50 tabs in brown leather .

The assembly in four hands, mine and Daniela’s, started with the binding of the exterior, in order to proceed to the hot prints in gold. They were later made ​​the interior of the boxes, and fixed on the inside.

Last step, attach the tabs in leather to the boxes and the metal clips to the services. The first pair finished looked like this:

10 prima coppia finita

Within a few days, the two tenacious craftsmen are able to have the best, and conclude the work!


And here’s how the artifacts looks like in the luxurious rooms of Quinta Jardins do Lago:

13 JdL set 1

Afterwards, a small gallery with more pictures of the process.

Thank you, see you soon!